Reviews for "The Ethics Of CDay Voting"

I agree

I was gonna make a similar movie expressing my opinions on why on earth are crappy clock day movies getting high votes. Because it was clock day? Come on people.

Anyways, thanks for spreading the message.

BinaryClock responds:

Yep. The A People are on a B/P frenzy.


I think I got lost in the alphabet on that one! I didn't see your thread, nor did I vote for the BP points. I voted 5 because:

1. It was a funny movie.
2. It was well animated.
3. It was a good Clock Day movie that showed effort.
4. The music was catchy.
5. It's by Binary Clawk, which is synonymous with 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Nice job, dude. :)

BinaryClock responds:

Heh. Thanks.

New declaration

This is actually at least half decent. Since it's a Clock movie, i suggest you force people to only make movies better than it.

BinaryClock responds:

Why thank you.