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Reviews for "Stranded In Time"

i hate your beautiful-ness...

this ominous tune evokes so much emotion!

just giving you a heads up - i'm recruiting you for picos brother 2 next year! - one year in advance!

Can I use it?

I want to use it in a game, but I also want to get it sponsored. Not sure if that's considered commercial.


Every part of the music contributes to the overall feeling given off by it...
It gives off a solemn uneasiness that I really like.
Nice work


this is the best i've ever seen
it emanates emotion
what i felt here was the feeling that you get when someone inportant dies in a movie (Ex sirius black in harry potter 5).
not only this is epic, people would want to buy it off you or make a game/movie with it!
Great Work

Ooh I remember this one.. I had it on my ipod years ago. Always gave me a fall of the jedi kind of vibe.