Reviews for "My Anti-Drug"


Yes.. Yaoi is wonderful. :3

Happy Clock Day!

ew men kissing!

I only like it when they are old and wrinkly.

Happy Clock Day Insomnia!


now that was some hot shit, unfh unfh!

happy clock day insomnia!

"I ain't queer or nothing... but..."

I don't know what it is, but drawn Yaoi doesn't trigger any homophobia. I think this is the solution for those in the closet and can't bring themselves to look at gay porn without gouging their own eyes out. With all the Gay Bashing out there, particularly in the redneck and religious areas of the globe, I think it's nice to have a soft option. Yaoi isn't revolting or offensive to the eye, it's more subtle and focuses of sensuality rather than pure lust. I think we could all learn something from Yaoi.


but i 5'd