Reviews for "(Naruto) Dress up Sakura"


Anyways That Rocks!Favourite,5/5,10/10 Keep up the good work!Woot!

Nice one

I really like this. Favorited for sure! I love how you could put other people's hairdo's on her. One thing tho. What's DA?

great work

ive seen all ur submissions on DA and SA i luv em all!!!!......though i cant say i like sakura though..........

That was excellent

That dressup was very excellent. I enjoyed it very much. The post WAS a little off... but still. I loved the variety of outfits, and changing her hair!


This was SO cute! I love how you can dress her up and do her hair like other people, too! And the music was cool.
he pose was a little off, though...... But awesome, anyway.