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Reviews for "Cruel Angel's Thesis"

I like very much. =D

Man it has been a long time since i have heard the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme but it rings too many nostalgia bells,from what i remember this remix was very accurate to the original and the quality was fantastic also i loved the set of sound effects you used,overall you did a swell job on this remix. =D

Ragestorm responds:

hey thanks alot man, i appreciate the review :)

not bad but...

I would have placed this in techno, not vidya music.


totally threw me off around 15 seconds in :) and again at 1:30 kept me on my toes.
Not bad at all.

Good Stuff

I vcan see this in a game for sure!!
nothing bad to say!!
8/10 4/5

Please return the favor on my new song: Showdown at sunrise!

This is great!

Love it!
Just wondering, did you have some kind of insparation to this song? Did it come from a game or your head.

Ragestorm responds:

It's the opening theme to Neon Genesis Evangelion, a friend asked me to remix the song and this is the result, glad you like it. :)