Reviews for "Four Second Frenzy"

Good Job All

Great to finaly see this project finsished and out in the portal : D


good game. lacking in graphics and sounds but very great


I simply love it, it's so fun to play since you jump straight in it, but challenging at the same time, looking forward to see more :3

awesome game

i loved all the fast paced minigames. despite their simplicity, the experience delivered, as a whole, was difficult yet fun. excellent work.

PS: i sure hope no one downloads the exe that the person who reviewed before me posted because it's, obviously, a virus.

Great game

I loved the game. I beat it on both NORMAL MODE and ENDURANCE MODE. Two of the games are insaine though.

Problem 1: The smiley game is flawed. Smilies sometimes appear beneath the health bar out of view making the game impossible.

Problem 2: The game where you have to enter the code is just too fricken hard. I need another second. I've only beaten it once out of like 15 attempts. Very aggrevating on sudden death mode.

105 Seconds on Sudden death mode