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Reviews for "[SP] ~ Party Like It's 3010"


Love. <3


Heaps and heaps of detail. Also a lot of FX. 0:59 is a killer. Sidechained much? :D.
The kick is perfect for electro. The snare has a lot going on I think? 2:13 Love the lead, but the melody sounds pretty familiar...can't place my tongue on it...but I love the hat/snare intro to the new melo. Wait, I remember the melo. It sounds similar to 'Untitled - Japillow' which I just reviewed >.>. Oh well, fits really well here. 4:40 pure disappointment when killer sidechained bassline fades away :(((((. Meh. Disappointment ends when I hear the outro :). A loopy :D

Also, I hate your low scores and bombers. This should be...4.30 at least.
5/5 for you.
4.08/5.00 (+0.16) :D

Blizzaine responds:

Its gotta fade out sometime D:

Thanks for the review :):):)