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Reviews for "Dailytoon #217"


Im in it! Weee ,, i will keep sending in .. i like the daily <3

Not bad

It was not bad as usual. Not the best but good. My favorite one was YeeahDude one. Made me laugh :D




it did nothing for me


pointless...i really really really suggest you go get a good storyline and not weird short clips...

TheStarSyndicate responds:

you missed the point


I think the newcomer's were very childish and not well done. I did think however that the other two were decent. I thought the one with the sun and the moon could have been improved upon in it's looping , but the one that gave me a chuckle was the Red Bull one. I think you need to leave the two newcomers out of your collabs until they get a little better at what they do. :)

-My Vote = 2