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Reviews for "Imminent"

For the third time, I forgot the name of this game xD. Now that it's here, I can favorite it and find it with /ease/

I found this to be a good game. What I didn't like it was how the graphics weren't that good. There could have been more variety. It's pretty nice to see how you just keep on firing. I love the way the bloodstains stay on the screen. That is truly fun and unique!

There's just a lot going on here. I like how fast paced it is. The stylistic music helps give that vision. Even the title is cool. While I don't have that much to say about this, it's worth checking out.

good but

great game this game really changed my mind about these games where they come at u from all directions...
but at around level 40 i was at the upgrade screen and i hit the start button and it said defeat!?!?!
overall awesome game but could someone take a look at this ?


Got to Level 4,438 on Hard (Free Play) and ended up with 78,953,454 score and got EVERY pgrade by round 33, it was a fun and great game.

good game but...

i LOVE the BGM's you got, makes me want to blow the dust off my super-nes and do some old school gaming :D. was nice how you had it so the weapon upgrades could only be bought at certan waves, kept the players from getting to strong to fast. now to the part i didint like was that i couldint hear the helpless screams of my victums as they die, withering on the battle field as i luagh at their usless attempts to destory me. also how the upgardes for weapons kept costing more, i suggest lowering the cost a bit, got the a point where all i could do was get a few repairs done. good game though, managed to get to wave 76 on the hard endless mode. keep up the good work!