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Reviews for "Satan playtime"


Very good! Classic :D But very monotonous! : (
Can I use this in my cartoon?


Oney responds:

sure ;)


this was awsome for the video because it was all happy even though it was a video about satan


here 2? Like i said by the other song.
stop talking about how funny the cartoon was and talk about the music itself

I think you made this piece of music very nice again.
It was calm and exited at the same time.
But i cant imagen this piece of music in a sex scene

Oh God

This is s fucking badass! also "For 2 sex scenes." xD

i like it alot, it is indeed a playful song...but i cannot stop wondering what if it had flutes in it instead, and it would be funny if it sounded like it was sloppy with playing with the flutes or somethig...making it have this more dumber feeling...but i guess that wouldn't be Satans Theme anymore....