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Reviews for "the true eggo commercial"

wastn all that bad.

background woulda been nice, a bit longer, slow some parts down a bit. keep em coming though stuff looks promsising

Screw you, I'll blam this if I want.

Don't expect us not to blam something if we don't like it. I don't think this is good at all, and three days is nothing. The project that I am working on right now has taken me 7 months. All of a sudden, three days doesn't seem so bad, now does it. Anyway, now that I have gotten the ranting out of the way, I will give some constructive criticism. The cartoon does not look terrible, although it is short, and completely pointless. That is the real problem is that this cartoon has absolutely no point. Now if you put in a little more work into your next cartoon, think it through a little better, then perhaps, your next cartoon will be good. I'm not saying you're no good, I just thing that you need to work on your style a little, and you need to learn to accept the fact that some people are not going to like your work.


honestly,this didnt make alot of sence and was confused half of the movie,but keep trying dude,most rly good flashes take at least a week you've got talent just..do better i guess and even though i think you will get blammed,i hope you dont get blammed