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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

Genuinely enjoyable

Yeah, it may have been advertising, but that doesn't stop the game being incredibly fun and challenging. Also, it happens to be set in one of my favourite areas of London, even with a couple of enemies themed around where you are, (the amp that flew out of the Astoria actually made me laugh) and there were some fun power ups.

My main criticism was the music, it really wasn't my kind of thing, so I just had to turn it off straight away, which unfortunately exposed the bad sound effects too. Other than that, it was a pretty fun shooter, good job!

Nothing completely new... but not bad either...

I have to agree with most of the others that have reviewed this submission. Although this is advertising in it's most unadulterated form, it still plays well as a flash game.

Despite the fact that this brings nothing new to the shooter genre whatsoever it does, however, have a certain quality to it that appeals to the everyday individual.

The music was the most annoying thing in this submission, and I would have to unfortunately say that Gogol Bartello does not rock.

Pretty dam cool

i like how your walking around the streets (is that near astoria?) music was a bit crappy but the game play was fun and challenging but not impossible

Awesome shooter.

I got to the part where the giant robot is constantly shooting at you. I swear this game is intense. I was thinking it would be crap because it's literally a blatant ad for Sony, but you proved me wrong. The in-game save feature was also a nice idea. Can't say the same for the soundtrack, but overall outstanding job.


ill admit it.i liked it alot it was really fun