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Reviews for "ball breaker 2000*"

Nice one

Its good looking,plays smooth, its got power ups. Perfect

pretty good

yeah I like it, maybe if there were more features and music, it could make front page.

mintonvinny responds:

=D thanks, i might make another game like this but make more things to it.

it was good

might have even been great if i could get past the last damn block on level 1 :p


I liked this game, it was easy to pick up but still fun all the same, it didnt have any music though is a bit of a shame it could have really used the music to make it all the more better oh well it was still pretty good :)


(title in work)

I'm a fan of Arkanoid, so this game was fun for me to play. Seeing how you really didn't add anything new to the genre, your score really depends a lot on the presentation, which I thought was excellent. A very nice color scheme and sounds used. The game is also very lite, and provides classic Arkanoid style game play.