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Reviews for "Riddle School"


theres a huge difference between
to be inspired by
to totally rip off!

you clearly did the latter, perhaps you like pico's school, i dont know. but considering the design of the game, i certainly wouldnt be surprised if you decompiled the swf file of pico school, edited it slightly and handed it in as your own work.

if this is yours, and you programmed it all yourself, for god's sake be more creative!

JonBro responds:

I programmed and animated this all by myself. This IS a tribute to Pico's School, which should explain why it's not the most creative thing in the world. No, I didn't steal it. I don't even know how to steal or hack into anything.


OMG PICO! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! (this message was created with CAPSLOCK)

JonBro responds:

That's not Pico, even though I'm pretty sure you knew that.
That's Phil, whose best friend is Phred. Phil has been in my mind for about 4 months and I wanted him to be in at least one Flash movie/game.



Looks like a great game! The keyboard restart thing was really frustrating, though; seems like anything that calls the focus out of the play window triggers it. I got an IM; the game restarted. I had to alt-tab to another window; the game restarted. I moved the mouse out of the window; the game restarted. That's annoying, and unless I can find time to play this when I'm doing absolutely nothing else, it's not gonna happen.

The graphics seemed great, though, from what I was able to get to, and the playing style -- again, from what I could see -- seemed smooth. I hope you'll fix that bug so I can try playing this again!

JonBro responds:

Well, I had the no-keyboard-clicking to keep people from cheating. If you press TAB, it shows a yellow box around any button. Try it yourself on this game's menu.

The music was good too.

Wow this was actually a pretty entertaining piece of work. I liked all the detail in the game and the story was very humorous.

For some reason the game reminds me a bit of Pico's school (go figure :D) but that is just a good thing. The puzzles were good, except the totally random location of the hall pass.

I liked this game, even though it was a bit short.

JonBro responds:

Hm, I would have expected the 'fatty blocking door' puzzle to be a bit more puzzling.

And, yes, this is a tribute to Pico's School. It has the North/South/etc. buttons, the map corner and the item corner that you see in Pico's School.



I've seen another game that's nearly exactly like this, I think Pico is in it... Anyway, a fairly fun game... Keep it up!

The Sunk

JonBro responds:

Yes, I made this because Pico's School was a very nice game, so I decided to make a tribute to it with characters I've had planned in my head for 6 months.