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Well, for game music it's actually quite good and I think it fits very well into the C&C world, as the other tracks (at least in C&C 1, the only one I've actually played -.-) are very "mechanical" as well. So your track fits in there nicely.

While the song gets very repetitve after a while the repetitiveness wouldn't be such a problem while gameing. If you play a game you don't listen to the background music that closely, but instead you are looking for something that has a good atmosphere and that let's you dive deeper into the gaming world. And I think this track fulfills the job very nicely.

So overall, this isn't a track I would listen to on my MP3 player, but I can imagine listening to this while playing C&C.

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EvilScorpio responds:

Thank you, you are good as always)))

It was okay.

It started out good, and I liked the way the drums came in.

Even though though things seemed to come in after the beat 'drop', it just seem to sound the same 'till around 1:30.

I liked the funky vocal thing you had there, but again it seemed to go on for a bit too long. I think that main issue of this, is that I think It's a bit too repetitive for my taste.

Choice of sounds were a winner. Both the drums and synths seemed to compliment eachother, so no really complaints there. I'll say that arpeggiated synth was what stuck out for me there.

Also, there was a synth/loop I noticed at 3:21 and at other intervals didn't seem to fit with the rest of the tune in regards to notation.

Overall it was good, just maybe consider shortening the length and maybe just tweaking the notes. Nice submission.

Anwar Louis ^_^
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EvilScorpio responds:

Thanks for the review) I'll try to improve the track)

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I thought the thing really worked and if I didn't know that this was a game song, I would have just gave this a bad score but this ACTUALLY has a meaning so I will start here:

I thought the loops were kind of overused because I literally heard the same thing for a long time but I know this IS game music but what about something more original? That's all I hear for game music! I thought it was cool to see some things in the middle that sounded like robots.

I like how it gives you the impressionistic feel of a factory or a future robot-ran city but that's probably what the game is going to be about right? Future? But you didn't need to keep this going for six minutes because it seriously sounds the same in the third minute and the 4th minute!

It would be cool to add more effects to it to give the gamer the full effect or at least more robot sound because hearing that for a while would give little children but I heard another robot sound get louder every minute so grats for that. But that's about all I really needs to be said about this.

EvilScorpio responds:

Thanks for the review) I'll try to improve this track...I just hope I don't lost the project file...

(title in work)

Hmm... It's basically a six and a half minute loop. I was expecting from the length some breakdowns and such but this was pretty much the same thing over and over for six minutes. It wasn't a bad track, had a neat sound to it. But I would suggest either shortening it into a loop, or adding some more variety in to it.

EvilScorpio responds:

Well, it's a BG Music for a game, so it's kinda repetitive... But still, thanks for the review))