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Reviews for "God & The Scientists"

Good movie, bad basis.

To phimuskapsi, dude, I totally agree with what you're saying. There's nothing I hate more than religion brought to mainstream. I'm a liberal, and I believe in rights for everybody. Everyone should be able to practice their own religion, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else, but this is just bullshit. Fine, call me whatever you want Patrick messenger boy. I'm sure I'm going to hell and all that, yeah. Respond to my message. Tell me what you want, that I should read the other guy's because he agrees with you and therefore he's right. I don't care. I know this guy before me had some factual errors, but who cares. You're like politicians, you make comments on little, stupid things about the other person and you're not focusing on what he really said. Church has been very hurtful to society. It has probably been THE biggest menace and has torn more societies apart than anything else I can think of. More people have been slaughtered over the church than in World War 2, I'm sure. The reason Christianity is such a widespread religion is not because it offered good things to the people following it, it's because settlers and missionaries went to countries where the weapons were not as advanced: places like Africa, India, the Americas, and they slaughtered everyone who would not change to their ways. If you force people to believe what you want, then what is religion anyway? Isn't it based in the right to choose? Now, I'm not saying you're a bad person, Patrick, for creating something like this, I'm just saying you're a stupid redneck. You can't help that you were born stupid, or that your parents pounded into your head that all Jews, Blacks, and Hispanics were bad when you were a kid. Do not blame society for becoming more advanced. You may call me ignorant here, and blah, blah, blah.....but in truth, you are the ignorant one here. You're making strikes against science, but then hiding behind your little shield by saying that it's your religion and you should be able to express it. You violated many, many people today by claiming that science was stupid because now you have taken away people's rights to choose. Maybe none of these guys have the balls to say it, but I'm just saying that you should keep your religion at home and church. Don't push it on a sight where teens can come and hang out and view stuff that they don't see day to day. Maybe your religion gives you strength on the inside, but I’m telling you it’s damaged a whole, whole lot on the outside. Now, I guess you’re going to write back and tell me that I’m going to hell and all that. Fine. To each his, own. We can agree to disagree.

Godlimations responds:

Good, I hate religion aswell, what does this cartoon have to do with it? I never stated that it was ever religious or of any such... I don't claim God is religious either, people merely assume so. I agree also that anyone can practice their own religion as it is their freewill to do so. Different religions hurt different people however, depending on your attitude, motive, and background. We always get hurt no matter what... whatever religion you state yourself to be under, religious or non-religious, you will hurt someone, why? because people close to you will always react according to their emotions/feelings and actions on the case, and if you try to be a people pleaser, you will only hurt yourself correct?

Right or wrong, it's irrelevant. I'm not here to prove to you anything. I do thank you that you have addressed me in the case, it helps me.. I would call this constructive.

ok well let's acknowledge Church has been hurtful to the biggest menace and has torn more societies etc... what about the great things they have done, the missions/donations/helping the needy in poor countries... I'm not 100% sure about people going on missions to "force" them to believe in Chritianity... for me to hear that I'd believe that as a contradiction, because we ourselves believe in the freewill of choice, the freedom of speech. We can relate that to the Crusaders... They killed people in the name of Christ... does that mean Christianity is bad?? no, it means a bunch of morons sinned to get rid of sin... again a self contradiction. I never saw Jesus killing anyone in his name... Instead of focussing on what people have done to represent themselves to a certain religion, I would focus on the founder to see what his/her motive and reasons were to become that founder of that particular religion.

Well, if you wanna discuss stupidity by definition: a poor ability to understand or to profit from experience.
In that case I am stupid... and so is everyone else that exists on this planet.. no one is perfect. congratulations to us :)

I never claim to blame anyone but myself for my actions if done wrongly. The way I was born/raised is irrelevant. Why do you assume I would call you ignorant? I congratulate you on a meaningful point you've raised. I explained it before that It is not literally possible for me to force you to push that "watch this movie" button. The only thing I hide behind is the shadow of His wings. I don't strike against science really, I agree that science does good to discover more about... humanity and other things. Perhaps it would've been more relevant if had named this "God and the Evolutionists"... ah well.

I have violated many people today, you are correct. You see, again I cannot be a people pleaser, nor I can be neutral, because neutrals are the ignorant ones, who lack knowledge or sophistication about the existence of their life.

I asked a friend what is church? and he replied, it's the people. When they leave the church, it becomes nothing more than a building. It can also be used to define the locations of where people go to worship and praise, but that's the ultimate meaning. Because how can a church be a church without people, it cannot self grow.

I'll be honest with you, I don't have a religion, people don't give me the strength to say what I say, Christianity has damaged me as well in some areas I'll explain why. When we are damaged, is it because we are biased to ourselves through our emotions and feelings, or are we just gutless to face up to reality, and I'm not talking about my reality, I'm talking about yours aswell, it's the same principle whether it'd be your church, or your family at home.

I have no desire to curse you. I don't desire to offend people but if they do get offended, It doesn't become my problem. Please never in this reply was i ever being sarcastic, with a comment like yours... I think it deserved a well deserved reply.

thanks! :) hope you get a revelation!


too short
and christian

...i guess i'd like it if i weren't an atheist though.

Short and sweet...........too short

its very good and a very good concept but a bit short for my tastes. im not telling u its bad or anything just me personally would have enjoyed mre depth. but overall great job dude

And God Said: Thats MY Dirt

A funny and clever movie. I loved the scientists faces when God told them to get their own dirt.


well, contrary to what the guy below me said, I did read it

contrary to what the other dude he was talking about said:
WWII had the most casualities of human life than anything combined, due to the A Bomb being dropped blah blah blah, he said it already, and yes I did read it

the bit about the get your own dirt is funny, but o how one day we will find a way around that, and then kill God. I am only saying it, everyone is thinking it

that and one day, we will be our own gods, with the technology that we would have, assuming we would make it that far