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Reviews for "ClickDragType 2"

Wow just wow

01:37:13 and every one done BUT 6 and 7


damn... it took me awhile... 1:16:28 to be precise =) but I finished every puzzle! good work man! keep doing stuff like this... excercises your brain quite a bit


ok ok it took me an hour cause I went afk for half, and lvl 7 was annoying cause I didn't know I could move those damn circles... the rest was easy but fun. Thank you.


I had no trouble with most of them. got all but 4 and 9 done in about half an hour. the only reason I didn't get 4 was because of the overlapping the top right box was doing. and i never figured out how to do anything with 9.

oh yeah


This game makes me feel so smart when I'm done with everything.

Great job!!