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Reviews for "Tai Chi"

never seen something this bad

i've been browsing newgrounds for quite a few months and i've never seen anything this bad. it should not be consider a game, but a movie. and even then it's not worthy of being on here


This was very, very good, but it was like a teaser... there wasn't enough of it! I think that this should either:
A) Have ALOT more attacks
B) Have an enemy AI to attack that fights back
C) Have multiple attacks work at the same time (black guy punches as the grey one shoots at him, ect ect)
D) Have all of the above! (although that would take a ridiculous amount of work)

Very creative, and I love the art style... This is a small amount of excellent work.

TonyGanem responds:

Hey? Are you fucking crazy? That would take my all life to do!!! Keep it on this way!


holy crap i liked how you had to click on the kamehameha. very cool. good job make more. NOW


DBZ inspired flash is just horrible. This is nothing but beefed up stick stuff. It's done well, just nothing intresting.
Also, it wasn't really a game.


This was all well done, but nothing crazy new or special. The concept did not seem any different from any other games that involve different ways to die. The animation was ok. The characters were extremely simple and the camera was far away, making smooth animation a fairly simple task. Well, not simple, but nothing to amaking or different. The explosions were alright, again nothing amazing, but well done none the less. I would say you did an exceptable job with it all, thats about all.