Reviews for "[Mindphase1] Finite"

Very nice beat

I had some problems personally with tremelo on some of the sounds.
But hey thats just me they make me weird in my ear.


To me, it sounds like something I would play when I'm trying to relax.
What I didn't really like was the scracthy/squeaky sound that can be heard at the end of this track. I can't really make a good review because this is just the first part, so I'm going to keep an eye on that.

So, an 8 for now, I'm curious about the other tracks^^

pretty nice

I like it for its simplicity and its sereneness, but I found the ending a bit too abrupt for me.


just a little more umph to it and it would be perfect

unfinished but bueatiful

as i sit listening to this in science class i feel as though i am trying to remember something i forgot. this song makes me feel as if i am coming upon a realization of something. and it portrays this emotion effectivly. the olny reason i say that it is incomplete is that it seems as though the ending [as in last few seconds] appear to be rushed. the song ended and i wondered if my computed had glitched. my olny concern with this, is that it was such a good song, and then... nothing. the dissapointment wasn't great as the song is still a marvelous gem and is undeserving of a 3.77 i rated it a 5 so that it would rise in score. i have to give you an 8/10 simply because i have sworn to rate much harder than others, who rate 0 for bad and 10 for anything the even slightly liked. keep up whatever your doing as it kicks ass.