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Reviews for "Pico vs. Uberkids"


classic pico awesomeness! graphics awesome,style good old picos school,violence heads gettun blown off,interactivity cool!,humor well........its funny that the teachers were so stupid to let dem do that. fulp plz dont ban me coz im not even lvl2 yet!. but here goes! CHEATS: e.g. sssshhhhh they always start with scissors -paper-rock ,but say u want scissors (left hand side) u would stop it at rock (right hand side ) then it will flip to the next one and u will win every time p.s. i keep beatin it like that!.

omg, pico <3

Pico is crazy! when he had to pull the trigger, he did it twice! and that uber kid almost pissed himself.

I <3 pico!

ur mom sucks

dont insalut tom fuip or pico this game rocks but you suck

yay i won

weird though.....


other ppl may think its lame but to me its fun i get scared im like omg its 1 outta 2 chance im gonna die i cant look! and i dont die its really funny great!