Reviews for "Pico: Therapy"


That was fucking awesome! Great animation! Keep up the good work!

FleckoGold responds:

As if I could just stop now.

Like the best!!!

This r0x0rzzzzz

But one question, the music, from who and whais the name?

FleckoGold responds:

It's called "Doomsday!" and its by rocker206.

Awesomely done, but not my type of movie.

The art was something amazing I admit. It's just Pico looked and fought too god-like to me and I think that's kinda boring. But, well, I don't like being unfair. Since you put so much effort and you did an awesome job, I'll still vote 5.

Great work

i really love the style you draw your characters.And again another good work from you!

theraphy= not good

i knew therapy aint good for ya xD nice flash btw