Reviews for "Nene Interactive Suicide"

Not to Sure About It.

this is really awesome!

The animation doesn't hold up. Honestly, this was just fine. I really liked the way the blood flowed. That's kind of morbid. Well, you're much more morbid for making this. My favorite was probably the prayer one.

I don't know why you can start at the very beginning. That looks more like acne. Well, teenagers would probably kill themselves over that too. There is some depth in this. I wish the music had more variety.

Nice dark humor, too bad the blood animation looks really outdated for 2018 standards, would be better with gorier and more fluid animation. Perhaps it's time for remake.

When are we going to get a in depth explanation as to why a lactose intolerant person had a carton of milk in her room? I've waited too long