Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

true enough but...

Its true a sword never runs out of bullets, but a stockpile of bullets will last longer than one sword arm. I mean, I don't care how good you are, get about a thousand zombies around you and your going to get overwhelmed, gun or no, but your arm would wear out alot quicker with a sword than say a rifle or an uzi.
Also, if your sword dulls, it takes ALOT longer to sharpen a sword than to cram some bullets into a gun.
that and the distance advantage are why the samurai were wiped out by gunmen.

swords rock!

Loved that ending!
Guns don't run out of bullets
thatso true

get a gun

a swords are good but thay are heavy and you down wona get cliows to a zombie sowe jest get a gun

that was pretty good

tight animation great, nice presation and a good moral.

the music you choice was really good but i have a suggestion,
i think it would have been amazing if you used THRILLER by michael jackson. no that would made me laugh nonstop.

Great job.

gud idea if it happins.....

nd in answer to the last guys qustion u fukin sharpin it dope