Reviews for "Smell Check"


love it! very funny, the graphics are just a littlew bad...but still, the humor makes up for it. we here at bad X-Play parody give this flash films, 4 tips on how to get lucky; out of 5.

lmao very informative

the only thing is you need to add subtitles!! i was watching this late at night, and i didnt wanna wake anyone up

I love your work

my favorite has been the original bathroom monolouge i think you should seriously come up with a monolouge for highschool in to include like the kinds of teachers there are, the kind of excuses to can make to step out of the class room, lockers, popularity charts, etc. I think that would be truly awsome.

oh well

man, i thought i had come up with the word smell check and theres one you forgot, pretend to yawn and put your head up[ to your armpit you should be able to check if you make it look like a real yawn streching your feet out and everything

Perfection at its...finest

That was absolutely hilarious, and being in each and every one of the those situations (except body spray) I found this to be enlightening and genius. Perfect job, don't let anyone tell you otherwise because this is what its all about. I like the lists very much, both Worst Things Ever and Worst Smells Ever. Bravo, Bravo!