Reviews for "Battlegrounds 2"

Nice music from morrowind

Good choice of music you did well you should put the fighting music i love it, good game too

Save a tree kill a beaver

Awesome Game

I've been playing this game lots. I just can't make it past the eighth level. But still, you should make like custom battles and stuff in the game and make more upgrades!!!!

Great Job!!!!

I love this game almost like Age of Empires!! I loved the music from Morrowind!! You are awesome!!


That game is amazing. I can tell you've put a hell of a lot of effort into the programming for that. It reminds me of Age of Empires which makes me love this even more. The music is great and the sound quality is excellent. The RPG style upgrading on your hero is also good. Nice work keep makin those games!

one of the greatest flashes ive played yet.

This game was incridiblly briliant. It was like another versoin of comand and conquer(cpu game) with a simpler control sceme and better graphix...i loved it im giving this a 5 for sure.