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Reviews for "Ryder RevengePart04 Soundtrack"

This track puts me in a nice mood. :D

Really nice track, but i got the feeling you've cut a bit of the intro?
Has a nice trance'n'bass mood.I like the drums and the main synths, but when the bass hits it leaves the drums in the backgrounds (and they are one of your main elements so they should stick out more).Try adding a few compressors and maybe a bit EQ on the different drum sounds.Your kick sounds alot lower than your snare and they should have similar presence in the track so work with it until it sounds right.Then comes creativity and you excel at it so BIG UP.No comments on the composition.I think this track deserves a higher score but that's just my opinion :D.
Anyway really good track i'm looking forward for some improvements.
Good job mate keep it up.
10/10 5/5 and faved.

Awesome song. And please keep the good work.