Reviews for "Vegetables"


This is a great flash, well timed with the music, hilarious song. Keep up the great work man.


absolutely wonderful. to my delight, this song is catchy and the video flaunts that tune with perfect synchronized graphics and dancing characters. Wonderful facial expressions. I cannot stop watching this. Wonderful work!!

koit responds:

Cheers matey

Much appreciated

Pretty funny!

I've actually got the song stuck in my head now.. VEG!

I love your style. Well done, dude.

koit responds:


I do my best to make catchy songs (some call them annoying) woooooooo


that was super lolness the animation: great song: hilarious

koit my favorite vegetable is carrot.
what's your favorite vegetable
respond it :)

koit responds:

Mine would either be a carrot or potato. I'll probably actually go with the humble spud actually because it's so versatile :)