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Reviews for "Territory WAR"


this game allows you to name the characters on your team.
Great game. i found myslef playing it for 2 hours :)

Awesome worm-style flash

A worm-style combat system only for stick figures makes for a very fun game.

The beauty makes me cry...

This is an excellent flash game.
It's based of a stable gameplay mechanic and adds twists to make it its own.
I recommend that anyone who likes any strategy or general action games play it.

If you get bored, one of my favorite things to do is to make up names for everyone and act out senarios with them.
It's kind of like a Soap Opera, except everyone shoots themselves in the face...

...Damn, I'm lonely...

Damn man, this is one tight-ass game man!

Damn i've been playin 6 hours straight!!! I beat all challenges, all Campaign, and beat it all over again!!! It rules! I give this Flash Game a Woot! Make Another, MAKE ANOTHER!!!

Wicked Fun!

Congratulations! This game rocks. I beat it, and then went through once again for the fun. Oh man, reminds me of worms, but more of Gunbound. Not sure why. Awesome job, again. I'm looking forward to future projects, that is, if you're working on any! Smooth gameplay.