Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"

Awesome game

This game is a masterpiece. In every regard. First, I'm going to start off with the gameplay. It's smooth fast paced, and awesome. It kinda reminds me of Sonic games in where you build up the momentum. The music is fantastic, and is QUITE memerable. The animation is extremely detailed, and jumping on spiders is really satisfying, and I love how how Fancy Pants Man sleeps if you let go of the keyboard for too long. Kinda like how Sonic gets impatient when you let go of the contoller. I have one minor problem with the game. This would be the enemy placement. When I'm running down hill with all of this momentum, it seems to go to waste when I run into an unpredictable spider. This is by far the best platformer on NG I've ever played! 4.5/5


I <3 it! I also beat it.

Five stars!!

It is cool how you can change the pants color in the optoins!

Ah! Good memories :)