Reviews for "Red Riding Hood"

This unnerves me so many times...

It is beautifully scripted, wonderously drawn, and my lord that last laugh will haunt me forever. The story that i have read so many times before has been twisted in such a delightfully scary way, and I think I cried when *SPOILER* red ate her mother, I mean, it was just so sad, and she was so naive. *END SPOILER*

Anyway, music choice was amazing, and the whole dark tone of it really makes it a work of art. Congrats on an everlastingly amazing flash :)

oh my-- sinfully Good!

Like, this video had me on my toes the whole entire time! I can't believe the way that It has ended! I'm thrown! Its much darker and immoral ways of the story, that kept me interested! Literally! I was was choking on my own tears here! Very good narration as well, that's included. Very appalling!!

very good. Love the darker side.

I love the narration in this, & recognised the jin Roh influence. But, being a bit of an ol' kill joy here (sorry), but with exception to the hunter character (which was a nice inclusion of false hope by the way >.<), the story was just like the Charles Perrault (1697) version, which is the one read in Jin Roh & was actually written before the Grimm version, making it the Grimm version a dulled down one of this darker original. But who cares, its awesome. Good animation on R.R.Hood when see slowly realises what happens (in fact all animation was good) Do indeed love the last line & the fact that it was the Wolf's narration. Good job 10 stars =)

Wow amazing

Truely the best ive seen yet you had me at the edge of my seat good job keep doing good work

Epic, with a kickass twist!

I love this type of darker Grimm story; originally, they were meant as cautionary tales for children!

I look forward to this becoming a series - many Grimm tales could use your ability to bring their darker side to life!