Reviews for "All I Want for Christmas."

Wow! This is great!

You have a nice voice! You should be a popular singer! People will love you! First Newgrounds than the world!


Starts off slow and peaceful, but then it picks up the pace with some real power, it's very moving. Also, you have a beautiful voice.
Overall, it's just fantabulous :D


This is amazing!
Makes me miss my snow :( But since I'm here in Australia I ain't getting any!
But, this make me happy listening to this, your voice is wonderful Hania, and so is this song. How it starts is just fantastic as well!
Well done Hania, well done.
You will go far in this world, I can see it.
Good luck :)

Absolutely wonderful...

This is a shining gem among the usual (and mostly overdone) Christmas junk. I personally approve of this song for a couple's Christmas theme. And for those that are more simple-minded, a translation: This is dope.


Very nice. Now that I have heard it, I am going to be playing this every christmas. ^_^
As always, you never fail to entertain.