Reviews for "Mega Translator"


OMG that is like the coolest thing ever

Foreverkul responds:

Yay! Coolness is great huh? :)

Very Fuckin' Cool!

This shit is great! I actually never knew that there were that many laguages... The song selection in here is choice by the way. Really entertaining stuff man, keep it up!

Foreverkul responds:

Tanks a bunch! :D

One of the best fucking gadgets here-front page

This is incredible! there are SOOOO many things you can do with this-its perfect-it belongs on the gadget front page without a doubt-its perfect. But one thing- could you do that language WhEre YoU TaLk LiKe ThIs PlEaSe??

Foreverkul responds:

That tAlk LiKE tHaT is quite esy to code, ill put it in my next version which will have a major graphics upgrade

The best translator on Newgrounds

C'mon man, keep'i up !

Don't listen to those //\/\07h3rphu<|<3r5, this is really good !

It's a fun and cool toy to play with. Keep it up for god shakes !

Listen this is how you say madness in opposite.

NZWMVHH! lol its funny because you cant pronounce it.