Reviews for "Mega Translator"


Man I love this gadget!!!,All my base are belong to this!

India Gringo India Valero Europe
Tooky History India Super Europe America Fiveleg

Foreverkul responds:

Thanks for your support! :)

Holy heads on fire, man!

This is so great, that I'm putting this on my list. Great work.

MK gave you 5/5.

Foreverkul responds:

Thanks a bunch man! :D


Fifened all the way! And you even used me as the "w" letter in the Clockinese thingy n_n thx for that :D


Foreverkul responds:

Thanks a bunch Wacky! :D


\/3|2'/ C00|_!!!! (thats in leet)

choob in clockinese

cableshaft hypercubeclock orangeclock orangeclock bedn