Reviews for "Nikkit"

I love love love it!

It's really good I agree with most other users that this would be great in a video game.
I hope to see more great peaces by you!
In fact would you mind if I used it in my games snow stage?

GameBalance responds:

Yeah, just don't forget to credit me :3
And put my Arseniy Shkljaev name, K?


it has some really nice parts and some not so great parts. idk what to think of this one

GameBalance responds:

Yeah, I think it's for some sort of mood.
I wonder did I made the flutes too loud this time? I m still not very good in mixing and mastering - mostly I m good in making the melody itself.

007 Golden Eye?

Man that reminds me every game that have a snow/underwather level! Keep the good job dude.

GameBalance responds:

nice nice!
hrm. I never saw Golden Eye.


I agree with SkatingIsGenetic,
this could be used in an adventure game like Sonic or maybe Megaman (the beginning reminded me of the little blue bomber)

It could be used in a snow stage or maybe an underwater level.

GameBalance responds:

yeah adventure game makes sense ^_^

00;45. :)))

I LOVE the ascending in the part.

Ah man!

This is a really nice song! Most definitely one that could be featured in a videogame.
(something adventerous like sonic)

I would have to say this was 5 minutes of my life well spent.

GameBalance responds:

thanks. Hm. It's not action enough for Sonic but not a puzzle game also.