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Reviews for "TW: Totally Different!"

Pretty good, I guess...

The humor wasn't quite my bag, but it was still pretty good.

MylesAnimated responds:

It was mainly a crappy short I made in two days anyway.

Haha, cool.

...uh... yo! The silliness made me luagh.

MylesAnimated responds:

The sad thing is that I'm the only person so far that didn't find this funny. Glad everyone else liked it though. :)


Im the 10th reviewer.If i am.I want a certificate of 1mil$.lolz

MylesAnimated responds:

Yeah, you get a cookie

Lol, we're gonna need a collection page

For Helium Balloon fun

MylesAnimated responds:

So true, Wonchop, so damn true. :D

TW(that wasss): Totally.... different...

I liked it alot. Your animations are always funny, and this was one was even more random than the last. I don't know why Solid Snake was in there, but that was funny.

MylesAnimated responds:

I always wanted to hear a squeeky voice version of snake.