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Reviews for "Fly Away Home"

Impeccable voice!

Great Job. Quick question, you use a voices synth of any kind? It's really good. I wish i had your mic and your singing ability. LOL But yeah...... Sounds perfect though, not much to review here... So yeah.......excuse me while i pull all my songs down......they're just embarrassing compared to this. LOL I kid, best of luck man!

DylanGlow responds:

Hey, thanks CluppHead! Nope, I don't use any voice synths. I used a reverb and a slight digital modulation effect when going up to the high notes to get that glide/slide effect. ^_^ Other than that I use a simple pop-filter and a Shure SM58 Mic. Believe me, it took me forever to even consider singing to a song. It's all about findin' your range and makin' it work. I don't really like my voice very much, I don't think most people like their voices because it's such a personal thing when it comes to music. I'm really glad you liked the song, man! Thanks again!

~Dylan ^_^

It's been a while since I gave your stuff a listen

I was looking through the reviews i've given, and i gave you some good reviews, and i foregot why. now i remember xD

btw don't take that as an insult, i'm extremely forgetful... for example: I forgot it was my birthday once because people were planning a surprise party. I flipped out for 3 reasons:

1.) didn't expect it (obviously)
2.) Had no clue why they were there
3.) none of them had a key... i still haven't figured out how they got in...

I'm too forgetful -.- but i digress.

GOOD MUSIC! ADD has it's effects...

The Actual Review:

I found this piece pretty enjoyable for several reasons, including but not excluded to: the laid-back feeling of the song in general, the purity of vocals.

I'm not sure if you intended this or not, but you had a bit of a chorused sound to the vocals. it had a nice effect on the song as a whole.

I listened to it a bit, and at certain points it seems like you could have added some percussion in there. Such as light maracas or something along those lines to convey a change, or transition. Just seemed a bit lacking at some parts, but all in all it's a great song.

I really have to commend you on your vocals. Kudos to you

I would've taken a point away for the percussion thing, but it just seemed to mean, because it really isn't that important really, really only mentioned it as food for thought.


DylanGlow responds:

Dude, you totally SHOULD have taken away a point for the percussion thing! Don't go easy on me! XD Unfortunately my recording studio is quite not up to par yet and I pretty much had a loud desktop computer, a 2 channel mixer, my $150 acoustic, and a Shure SM58 microphone available at the time. XD The "chorus" is actually the poor acoustics of my bedrooms shining vibrantly with a TCElectronics reverb plug in. I really appreciate the very long review and managing to make me actually laugh out loud with the bit about your surprise party. Thanks a bunch, man! I'm currently building a full studio for recording with much better equipment and plan on releasing a CD in the near future. I'll send one to you when I get 'em done if you want.

~Dylan ^_^

Very nice

Good singing, good guitar, good song!
Good job! :)


DylanGlow responds:

Hey, thanks a ton Vargard! I'm glad you liked it!

~Dylan ^_^