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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"


This is a sweet game, fun when you win, even more fun when you wipe out and fly off the course...excellent work


lol, just had to say that. great game, i love the feeling of speed this game gives you. the things it shows wherew you fly off the track are great too. good job.


i love that! this is a super chill game. and realy! LUBE! i laufed soo hard!

(misspeling intentional)

Hilarious, Fun and Different

This game has many different outstanding points. I love the crash animations for thier hilarious and fun to watch, the graphics while sliding are terrific, and the skeleton dash sport, I havn't seen a good one like this yet.

Very nice job, two thumbs up my friend.


good this is real good

but i like more to trow my self of the track than stay on it haha