Reviews for "TSUNAMI lev. 1"


A nice bloody shootin game, sweeeeeeeeet!

I'm counting the days until Level two comes......

I have been playing this every couple of days ever since you released it, I check your site fo updates about level two and the new local evil. Keep up the incredible work. it is a masterpiece, though i do slightly favor Combat Instinct 2 and 3, but only because they are longer and offer more gameplay. hurry up with level two because a hell of a lot of people have been begging for it since you released the first demo. Keep it up.


yo doodz itz brett im new and i jus tryd dis game and this iz da BOM itz da bes game i eva play!!!!
Luv ya chelsea


YOUR A DAMN GENIUS! damn dude cant wait for lvl 2!!!!


Took too long to wait for the guys to die. Can't wait for level 2!!!