Reviews for "*DarkMoon Rave* [ZeRo BaSs]"


Go Diamond......only 455 more...............

ZeRo-BaSs responds:



Although the vocals were...weird... :( BUT IT"S AWESOME AND THAT'S THE POINT!!

The ending screwed up the points too. I just didn't like it. :< It also sounded...strange...

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

lol thank you catgirl!

one of the best once again

i love your music bro you have serious skill and i have much respect for you. this is one of your best tracks to date.

((( GOOD JOB )))

Wow really nice song here, ddr sound? LOL i bet those silly ddr kids will love this song, i liked the rythm and main beat, how you had lots of deversity in the song and added lots of different parts in with the main beat, its the kind of song you can listen to over and over...


ONe of the Best Techno out there

I thought i heard this somewhere before, but then again i'm not sure, therefore YOU made it is my solution
Dang this is some professional MuZik i'm hearing, People who Rave and Night CLubs should really Use this Amazing Track, cause it's just THAT good, u start dancing to it by reflex.
How dare stupid "Newbs" vote down your musics... at least u'll know there's a lot more people who appreciate your work of art ;)
yay Another addition to my -BEST MUSICS EVER FOLDER-

Great job, Keep it up!
I'm sure this deserves a 5/5 from me!
must.. Check Out Your Other Musix..... now...