Reviews for "Maniac Mansion 3"

You'r the best!

Nice nice!
It's Awesome!
I prefer the second MM you made but this one is OKAY.


that was Awesome dude! good job!

This makes newgrounds.com worthwhile.

I loved this game, and I love your ideas! You should look into programming a sequel, or at least making more!

Absolutely hilarious!!!

The best of the Maniac Mansion flashes!

The best parts of the flash were Dr. Fred trying to flush Dead Cousin Ted down the toilet, the sub-plot with Kim Jong-il and Osama bin Laden trying to steal the nuclear reactor's uranium, and completely flooding the region the mansion is located.

I guess Dr. Fred's a lot dumber than he thinks. Just move Ted out of the way and take your shower, fool. Not try to flush him down the toilet!

Osama and Kim, even if you could swim, you'd die from the radiation sickness, since the pool just happens to keep the reactor cooled down.

Top of the line

Really great work. Completely random, and extremely funny!