Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Outbreak"

Wow dude

The title explains the entire song. It starts off sounding all quiet, then suddenly it gets more tense, like zombies are starting to pop out here and there. The way the song ends is like the zombies have won over the human race. Very fantastic piece ya got there Evil =]

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks dude, I'm glad I could correctly convey what I wanted through the song :)


This is amazing.... i think this would fit in well with alot of horrer/zombie movies... very ominous(im bas at spelling) i love it. keep up the great work :D

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude :)

This is Great!

You really got the feel of an apocalypse. If I could create a game for this I would, but I suck at Flash.

Evil-Dog responds:

too bad :) I hope someone awesome will use it


Pretty damn perfect!!

My brains are being eatten but my ears are smiling

This track is wonderful. I've been making a zombie survival log on youtube (search Heartless Theatre to find it.) I totally want to use this for the final part if you don't mind. The way it rams up is great and anyone listening to it while fighting Zeds would definlity choose to go down fighting instead of running.

I've looked through a lot of music on here and I wish this track was rated higher. I'm glad I decided to start searching a few pages back. Well done man, well done.

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks dude, do use it ;)