Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"


Damn this is great. Even better now that I get that snakes on a plane reference.

And i finally did it

Well ive been told by so many people to watch this and now i finally did..and it wasnt what i expected. It was awesome lyrics and songs and creativity..but not really that funny. Maybe if i as with like 6 or 7 people we would laugh but its just not making me burst out right now..
Its still pretty good though!!!!


one of the best music videos ever, lemon demon rocks

One of the best

This is one of the best I've ever seen. It's freakin' hilarious! Loved it. Doesn't seem like anything needs changing.

all i can say is LOL

this is one of the better animations i have seen not because of the graphics, but because of the story line and the music. i laughed my a$$ off when chuck noris came in, and yet somehow i was expecting him to be there. you also added a lot of the oldies like indiana jones and the car from back to the future(which i though was great). overall i really liked it and i cant find anything that could be fixed in it.