Reviews for "Naruto Dress-Up Game"


good game good game


i looked at your picture and, please answer, what character is that?
or did you make it??? if so, how???? please answer!
and nice game =)

Andorea-Chan responds:

Lol. Thanks!
That's not a character in my pic. It's me! XD I drew it in Flash.


ok cool lots of choices good graphics but the music and animations got annoying after awhile i like ur fma 1 to keep up da good wurk maybe make an inuyasha 1 thad be cool!

Can we expect another?

To be perfectly honest there are soooooo few non-perverted dress-ups on this site,and this one is simply gold! You should make more of these dress up games,maybe make one with more characters from Naruto or with different songs? Other than that I can't think of any improvements, but keep up the great work!! -^_^- <--smiles

Coolio man!!!

Fun dress up