Reviews for "TAP Christmas E-Card"


that was great munchy,get sum better sound equipment though

munchmed responds:

sure thing ;)

Lazer'd. lol.

Pretty funny. And ow the quality of sound! :O

(But you did warn us. :P)

Anyway, really funny, I am actually going to use this as an e-card to show my mates. :)

munchmed responds:

hahah! brill :P


You totally need to work oh your audio, i mean, that was just horrible in everyway possible.. "Refering to audio" but the rest was pretty good i just had to mute my speakers.

munchmed responds:

oh come on! only the end was that bad lol

dont forget..

you can get voice actors to do the parts for you. go to the newgrounds flash forum.

munchmed responds:

oo thanks, i'll remember that :P

That was great.

Deserves an award of some sort. Good job.

munchmed responds:

hmm, i guess not (:(