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Reviews for "Curious Crackhead- Area51"

i'm still laughing as i write this

and thats why you get a 5

"i thought you said..." nah I'm not going to spoil it for everyone. watch this flash. major crackup.

haha. "crack"-up. that was unintentional too. ha.



The movie started out boring at first, but the ending alone makes it worth watching!

reminded me of GTA:SA too

except for the fact the guards tend to shoot me and that the jetpack was in basement 4 but overall good job P.S. was this a GTA:SA spoof?

0h my satan!!! *oms*

wtf? this as so fucked up!! i loved it!! it fucking reminded me of grand theft auto'san andreas a little..

I wasn't expecting anything but I was surpised!

This wasn't bad at all!

Your animation was nice, but he had the same identical crack on the same spot of either nostril hahahahahahaa.

Hated the ending though.