Reviews for "Halloween Night (Ambient)"

I doubt that the devil will download this

this will scare the crap out of anyone XD

I can see it now...

A faded shot of an abandoned playground....wind rustling through the grass...ooooooo I am so inspired to write something blood chilling >:D Nice work! I loved the cute little flute in the background, who would think flute could be creepy and I play flute!

roensb responds:

gotta love those diminished chords! makes every thing sound creepy!

Haunted Mansion. . .

You're doing it right. I would love to play this at a Haunted House during the Eve of Hallows.

Excellent work, Iago. On a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven.

roensb responds:

thanks man! that was definately the idea when I made this, Im glad that you liked it


Now thats fucking creepy...

okay, creepy dude

Dude, you got me at the laughing little kids. Jesus christ, that always seems to give off this certain motif that scares the hell outta anyone. The music sounds like a vault, and it makes for good ambient background music my friend (hence the genre, I suppose lol). The only thing that seemed a little offbeat was the flute, with its timbre, but hey man, you still got my 5; this is good, creepy stuff. =)

roensb responds:

the "flute" is actually a whistle but its hard to tell due to it being kinda buried. I did want it off beat to create a sense of uneasiness to it (as well as the fact that the whistle part was improvised on a midi piano so my sense of time personally may have been a little to off beat). Thank you for the review though, its nice to hear that you listened to all of the parts :)