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Reviews for "Tactical Assassin"

Good premise, poor execution

No pun intended. The briefings are full of typos, and objectives are ambiguous both in how they are completed (Not in a challenging way, but in a "could mean anything" way) and objectives which are marked "secondary" are actually required to avoid failing the mission.

The plot of the game makes no sense. Why would a militia group be operating in Chicago? Why would they be working with mythical Iraqi terrorists? Why would the USMC hire a clandestine murder-for-hire group to go to Baghdad and kill them when that is their job? The plot is all over the place. I get that nobody plays Flash games for the plot, but that's just it: it could have been a series of meaningless "Shoot this guy" flash panels and it would have been fine. Then you arbitrarily label some panels as "Iraq" and, uh, what? Why?


CANT DO THIS SHIT GOT DAMN *sigh still like it 4 some reason fuck let bygons b bygons and...... FUCK THIS STUPID GAME

JUst kidding:p


It was fun, but I had to shoot a few times at some of the targets to kill them though.


keep it up love the game


Chapter 2?Are you serious? Its Chapter 4.Chapter 4 Code is "Train"