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Reviews for "The Night Watch I"

awsome! (y)

whatever! i've never seen anything like this, i just had to look at it for a long time...kinda take it in....not only is it pleasant in spite of gloomy themes, but it's also just something i could look at for a while without getting bored. being entertained and thoughtful at once, you know, it like...makes me feel things....ART!

that magazine's going down the tubes i'm sure, because if they would have picked this for a cover, it would have been a head-turner....front-page material, dopes!

M1as responds:

Oh Dear, feels great to hear that. Thank You!

love it!

Omg the styke is awesome

M1as responds:

The Styke is strong in this one.

Thought it was supposed to be Link at first.

M1as responds:

Its crazy. All the time I was panting this piece i thought about Link too.But its just a green shirt and the blonde hair and the rest is nothing like Link/Zelda.