Reviews for "Trichinosis"

Top Notch

This is a quite amazing flash. Your words speak wisdom, but that even isn't the point here.

Your animation is amazingly good, your graphics are impeccable, and your flash skills shine through this flash.

I also loved your quick Animal Farm references throughout the whole movie, which I could relate to easily.

I really hope you get an award for this and people can just listen up to the message. Thanks for your submit...I loved it!

I'm Impressed.

Very well executed: superb graphics and animation; excellent choice of music; and an important message behind it all. Posting your work on Newgrounds ensures a lot of people see it, and with any luck, you'll get through to a hell of a lot of them.

My only complaint is the boorish text layout - there was so much of it to read, and yet every time it was still the same old plain cut to black screen with static white text on. I agree that ludicrous effects would have hindered the readability and devalued the seriousness of this cartoon, but a little added interest wouldn't have gone amiss.

I'm pleased that you managed to make a flash that deals with a very real and serious issue, and yet not give it a depressing tone. A few parts in this made me chuckle, which is by all means a good thing.

I appreciated the references to Animal Farm, a fantastic book.

Well done.

wow abselutely right!

this shit is abselutely an awsome and nescerily flash to teach people. There was some facts in there that really shocked me. Seriosly Great great job.

Thank You...

Someone finally said it and im glad they did... ive already spammed the link to my friends.. and i hope they hate me for it... cuz if they learn sumthing from this its worth them hating me..

10/10 5/5
and a place in my favourites

Nice work

Keep on rocking the boat, this world needs more of that!