Reviews for "Portal - Still Alive Remix"

A few points that might be better:

Although this is the best remix of Still Alive I've seen out there, there are bits that I think could be improved.

1) The voice - what did you use to make this voice? Ellen McLain's original voice acting had a lot of emotion behind it, and pitching it this high kind of makes it sound a bit silly - (see the "ha ha". It doesn't carry the weight it did originally), although I understand this is a piece of music and thus you don't particularly need the seriousness. Still I'd advise using some kind of editor like Melodyne to make it sound a little less ... chipmunky? (is that the right word?)

2) Not sure I liked the pitch change near the end (1:50, "and believe me...") because it contrasted the slightly lower key "still alive" that happened right before.

Other than that, awesome remix. I feel better that I have lived and listened than I would have had I not. Really, all my criticisms are pretty much only because I love Portal waaaaaaaay too much =.='''

If my points were corrected, 10. As it is I'm going to give a 10 anyway because IT'S PORTAL. ^_^

fishfood2021 responds:

Well it didn't make that many changes to the voice. Just a little pitch change so it didn't go out of tune. Thanks for the review though :D

OMG!! I <3 this....... I <3 u

Lol so awesome my family busts on me because I know this song by heart
10/10 5/5


fishfood2021 responds:

Theres nothing wrong with that. This song is awesome :P

I've never played Portal...

and I don't know the context of this song in the game, but THIS- this is pure genius. It's just so exquisite. I applaud you.

fishfood2021 responds:

Thanks homie :D

Fantastic ^^

It never occured to me ng might have remixes of this song xD

fishfood2021 responds:

I thought there would be more lol. Thanks for the review :)



fishfood2021 responds:

You're super amazing! :)