Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


Yeah, that was fun! Great stuff! Made perfect sense.

Spoilsbury Toas Boy -2 -- My Favourite Author

About Movie:
I like the unique style of the characters, the otherworldy lipsych and the sound was brilliant. the humor was spot on as per usual and it is a worthy sock edition. my only critism is that if you moved the series forward, it would be grealty apprecated.

About You And Your Works:
I must say that "Spoilsbudy Toast Boy segment 2" was and still is one of my favourite movies I've ever seen.

Your The Man (or at least in the Club Of The Mans (COTM) ).



Mr Firth sir, you make me moist.


That was fuckin funny man. It is just so random! I loved it!

Extreme Randomness

That is the most random thing I've seen in years. BRILLIANT!

I love the "eat my piss"part at the end.